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How to connect heyday true wireless earbuds only with 2 simple steps everyone can do

How to connect heyday true wireless earbuds only with 2 simple steps

Hello and welcome to the Heyday True Wireless Earbuds connection tutorial. It’s crucial that you read the directions and follow them exactly, making sure not to omit any steps in order to discover on how to connect heyday true wireless earbuds effectively.

Putting On Earbuds

  • From the charging case, remove the earbuds.
  • The right earbud is labeled with a “R,” while the left one is labelled with a “L.”
  • The right and left earbuds should be placed in each ear as illustrated in the illustration. Make sure the speakers are pointing up when you put them in your ears.

Instructions on how to connect heyday true wireless earbuds 

Instructions on how to connect heyday true wireless earbuds

You will discover how to connect heyday true wireless earbuds with your Bluetooth device using quick and easy techniques.

Step 1: Charging

Start by attaching the charging cable to the left earcup. The USB adapter and earbuds must now be connected. They can be linked to your PC as well.

When the headset is charging, the indicator lights will begin to blink. The headset needs at least three hours to charge.

Step 2: Pick your device

Find out which device you are using first. The instructions below can be used to connect wireless earbuds to your laptop, including a Macbook:

  • It is necessary to first unplug the earbuds and charging wire if they were attached.
  • Press the Power button for 7 to 10 seconds.
  • The indicator light at the rear of the left earcup will now flash red before turning white.
  • Keep the device “HEYDAY HEADPHONE 01”

Users of Windows 10 should first find the Action Center button in the bottom left corner of their screen and tap it. After that, select All Settings.

Choose Bluetooth from the left column of the menu. Ensure that Bluetooth is activated. Following that, Windows 10 will look for compatible devices. Once you’ve located it, select “pair” from the menu.

The Paired status will appear on the screen once the pairing procedure has been properly finished.

The left earcup indicator lights should, however, flash red first and then white second if you are using a Mac device. The headphones must be a HEYDAY 01 model.

In the menu bar, click the Apple menu. Choose System Preference from the menu. Next, choose Bluetooth from the menu. Ensure it is turned on.

Instructions on how to connect heyday true wireless earbuds 

Signs of a Charging Case

  • Rapid Left White Flashing: Low battery
  • 1 Constant white – 25% battery charged
  • 2 Constant white – 50% battery life
  • 3 Stable white – 75% battery charged

Charging of all 4 steady whites to 100%

Functions of HeyDay True Wireless 

Ability To Make Phone Calls

When you receive an incoming call, the left earbud lights white. To answer an incoming call, press either the left or right earbud. To end the call, once more push either the left or right earpiece.

Press and hold the right or left earpiece for 1.5 seconds to decline an incoming call. The music will automatically stop when you receive a call and resume after the call is over.

Music Performance

  • Press either the left or right earpiece to start or stop the song.
  • Double-press the left earbud to play the track that was played before.
  • Double-press the right earbud to play the next song.

Notice: The left earbud can only be utilized in mono mode due to the default setting for the right earpiece.

Vocal Assistant feature

For 1.5 seconds, press and hold the right or left earpiece to enable or disable the voice assistant.

Earbuds charging

  • Make sure the earbuds are completely charged before using them.
  • It will take your earphones about 1.5 hours to charge completely.
  • The red light will turn off after charging is finished.
  • Put the earbuds in the charging case’s slots to begin charging them (See instructions). The left and right earphones will both continuously shine red while they’re charging. When the earphones are fully charged, the lights turn white.

Earbuds charging case

Charger Case For Charging

  • When the charging box’s left light rapidly flashes white, it indicates that the battery needs to be charged since it is low.
  • Your charging case will take about 1.5 hours to fully charge.
  • Male end of the USB-C charging cable should be connected to female port on charging case.
  • Your charging cable should be connected to a DC 5V USB power source at the USB end.

The LEDs will flash white while charging. All four lights on the charging case will turn steadily white once it has been fully charged.

FAQs Of How to Connect Heyday True Wireless Earbuds 

How Can My Heyday Headphones Be Quickly Found?

Go to Settings and choose Connected devices. The On position by turning the On/Off switch. Hold out until the Bluetooth item shows up in the list. Tap on it in the list to start the Bluetooth pairing process. Your Heyday device should now appear as connected.

How Can Your Heyday Wireless Earbuds Be Reset?

On the remote’s Phone button depressed. Descending tones from the headset should be audible. Allow 15 to 20 seconds to pass. To restart the headset, press and hold the Power button for one to two seconds.

Why Isn’t My Heyday Earbud Pairing?

Keep pressing the remote’s Phone button. Descending tones from the headset are required. Give it ten seconds. Press the phone button for one to two seconds to switch on the headset once more.

Why Do Bluetooth Headphones Have a Red and Blue Flashing Light?

In order to hear the Red/Blue flashing, you must connect your device to the headphones. Normally, this light appears after you turn on your device (if you hold the power button down for more than one second).

To turn the headset off, first push the Power button. After a few seconds, you can turn it back on.


That concludes the discussion of how to connect heyday true wireless earbuds. If there is anything else you’d want to see us address in the future, please let us know. Earbudscity really hopes you found this post to be helpful.

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