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3 efficient methods on how to charge true wireless earbuds without case

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You don’t know how to charge true wireless earbuds without case, do you? You will learn how to achieve that from this article! You may save time and make sure that your earbuds are always charged and ready to use by adhering to these easy procedures from us.

How to Charge True Wireless Earbuds Without Case

All wireless earphones are charged using one of three methods. Currently, how to charge true wireless earbuds without case? The wireless charging case, which was the first method of how to charge true wireless earbuds without case, is now widely used. The second way, which is the finest of all the alternatives, involves charging with a little USB cable. A tiny pin charger is the third strategy. All three strategies were covered immediately below.

1. Buy a wireless charging case first.

How to Charge True Wireless Earbuds Without Case

Whether you have the first-generation or second-generation AirPods, Apple shows us how to charge true wireless earbuds without case. They developed cases for wireless charging in order to solve this problem. It is possible to buy this AirPods case separately. However, let’s see how the AirPods charge in this instance.

Put your AirPods in the wireless case and place it on any Qi-compatible charging stand or mat.

The status light will shine for a brief duration before turning off. If the charging process fails and the light doesn’t go off, move the case. Make sure the charging cord is connected securely on both connector sides, though.

2. Utilizing a Micro USB Cable

Utilizing a Micro USB Cable

You must connect a Micro USB cable to your device and either a computer or a USB converter in order to charge earbuds with a micro USB. After that, you must wait until your earbuds charge completely. How do you determine when the earbuds are fully charged then? One method is to use the LED light on your headphones to check how much power is left in them; the LED light may be red and green or red and blue depending on your earphones. However, the standard red light on earphones always indicates when the battery is low.

3. A Narrow Pin Charger

A Narrow Pin Charger 

We discovered during our inquiry that the Nokia model 1110 has a tiny pin charger. Don’t worry if you don’t have that precise model of phone; a narrow pin converter is available.

You may change your Android charger from a large pin to a small pin using this converter. In addition, you might try recharging your earbuds with a different narrow pin adaptor. Just use the chance to work with your earbuds.

Extra Charger Tips for Earbuds

To increase the lifespan of your battery and charger and lessen the need for frequent searches for alternative charging methods, it is advised that you heed the following advice:

  • Before using the charging station, carefully read the instructions to prevent using it incorrectly and accidently harming the wireless headset or the cover.
  • Make sure the headphones and carrying case are completely charged before using them for the first time.
  • The headset and coverings shouldn’t be positioned near heaters or exposed to direct sunlight to avoid the equipment breaking down from high temperatures.
  • Batteries that are completely dead should not be kept in a case with earbuds for an extended period of time.
  • You should also refrain from utilizing network adapters from unidentified vendors. When opposed to proprietary chargers, these devices’ features may differ dramatically from the description on the case, and they also have lower dependability.

As a result, wireless headphones’ batteries run out more quickly. It will be more economical to buy an original charger and wait until then to use the headset.

Problems Charging Earbuds: Possible Causes

Most premium wireless headphones last for at least two to three years before needing replacement. On occasion, though, charging them does not result in the predicted improvement in battery life. These are some potential root causes of this issue.

Faulty battery

In this case, the problem can be solved by either repairing the headphones or getting new ones. TWS headphones’ contacts still have their protective coating on them (completely wireless).


Some TWS headset models might not start charging their batteries until the button is depressed. How to charge true wireless earbuds without case if the case is lost? Expensive models, like those from the Beats brand, have been found to have a few casing faults that need to be fixed. We gave you a few options in this article for charging wireless Bose earphones without a case.


You can eliminate the issue entirely by using alcohol to remove the soiled areas. See how to clean Earbuds.


Either the wire or the headphone enclosure could be broken. The user is then forced to think about how to recharge the headset after being faced with this conundrum. The utilization of numerous wires, adapters, and gadgets to charge wirelessly may also be included.

How to Charge True Wireless Earbuds Without Case

Charger’s Manual And Safety Measures

No matter what your favorite activities, job, or way of life may be, having a long-lasting earbud battery is always an advantage. We’ll give you a few battery charging tips and advice to keep in mind if you want to get the most life out of your battery and prevent damage to your earbuds. Learn how to prolong the battery life of your earphones and charging case.

  • Disconnect the charger while not in use to conserve energy. Since the charger lacks a power switch, the only option to stop power waste is to unplug it while not in use. The charger needs to be easily reachable and close to the outlet when it is charging.
  • The battery needs to be fully charged when using the earbuds for the first time or after they have been out for a while. A completely charged battery needs to be charged for 30 minutes before it can be used for the first time.
  • By placing your headphones in the slots and then connecting the charger, you can charge them.
  • Due to the charging case’s battery, you may charge both your headphones and it simultaneously. The charging case might not close properly if the wing tips or ear tips are attached improperly.


You should be in great shape if you follow the instructions as we laid out above if you are still uncertain about how to charge true wireless earbuds without case.

Without a charger or carrying case, charging the earphones used to be incredibly challenging. We have developed a way to charge earbuds without a case, though, to make it practical. We hope that by following these suggestions, you will be able to use your earbuds for longer periods of time without the need for a charging case.

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