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Top 10 wired earbuds with mic for playing game and how to choose the best one

Top 10 wired earbuds with mic

Good sounding earbuds make playing games more engaging. The headset’s built-in microphone, which transmits sound clearly and loudly, is very advantageous for experiencing a dramatic match. Let’s examine the top 10 wired earbuds with mic for playing game from Earbudscity right now!

I. Criteria for choosing wired earbuds with mic

1. Voice mic quality

Gamers will be able to communicate with their friends in-game more easily and create plans to fight foes and score goals with the use of voice-activated earbuds. To help reduce unneeded information interference, you should purchase equipment with high-quality voice mics and clean sound transmission.

2. Sound quality

Your experience playing the game will be more immersive the greater the sound quality. To readily hear all the sounds of the adversary, such as gun disassembly, explosions, and bullets in FPS games, choose items with clear, loud, and clear sound. This is the secret to winning the game for you!

3. Add-ons included

The earbuds with silicone ear cushions are essential for gamers who play video games for extended periods of time. When used, silicone material will aid in ear protection and promote relaxation.

Top 10 wired earbuds with mic for gaming

1. Rapoo VM150 EP Gaming Wired Earbuds

Rapoo VM150 EP Gaming Wired Earbuds

Despite having a compact in-ear design and integrated metal in the earbuds, the Rapoo VM150 EP gaming earbuds embodies the real spirit of a gaming earbuds.

The product has a button design with a little inclination for gamers to wear comfortably and prevent headset drops. Additionally, the role-playing aspect of the game can be made more immersive by improving soundproofing.

The wired earbuds have strong deep bass and clean high tones in their bass spectrum, which they claim will add stimulation to the game. The headset is notably well-equipped with a crystal-clear voice mic that effectively transfers information.

Three gentle silicone ear cushions are included with the Rapoo VM150 EP Gaming Headset to give your ears the most protection possible.

2. JBL Quantum 50 EP Gaming Earbuds

JBL Quantum 50 EP Gaming Earbuds


The JBL Quantum 50 EP Gaming earbuds is especially made to not feel lumpy or uncomfortable after extended use. For the best comfort, the product includes 3 sets of ear cushions in various sizes. The headset incorporates a soft, covered wire to prevent tangling and broken wires and to increase product longevity.

In order to effectively record and filter noise, JBL Quantum 50 in-ear earbuds incorporate an independent microphone design that is positioned near to the lips. Without having to worry about information interference, players can simply exchange information with their teammates in-game.

Thanks to the unique JBL Quantum SOUND Signature sound technology, which amplifies the sound ranges and lets you appreciate the true game, the game is spiced up more and more with excitement.

3. Asus Rog Cetra II Core EP Gaming Headset

Asus Rog Cetra II Core EP Gaming Headset

The ergonomically built Asus Rog Cetra II Core EP gaming earbuds with mic has premium rubber ear hooks and slightly forward-leaning earcups for hours of gaming comfort. The item has a stunning glossy aluminum casing that creates a playing field for gamers.

The Asus Rog Cetra II Core in-ear headset includes 4 pairs of ear cushions and 3 pairs of adjustable ear hooks in various sizes.

Enjoy immersive audio, robust sound quality, and high-performance speaker drivers in dramatic first-person shooter games that are simple to learn. The “key” to accelerating to the goal is the ability of the player to clearly hear every sound made by the opposition.

The headset’s well-recorded voice mic makes it easy to communicate with teammates. It deserves top 10 wired earbuds with mic for gaming.

4. Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB55AP Wired Earbuds

Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB55AP Wired Earbuds

The Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB55AP wired earbuds provide a sturdy feel thanks to the high-quality material that was used in their manufacture. In addition, Sony earbuds lines’ indispensible 45-degree housing design makes for a more relaxed and comfortable wearing experience for the user.

This device will undoubtedly “say no” to the bothersome wire tangle found in most wired headphones because of its flat striped design.

Additionally, the device has function keys and a mic cluster on the wire, which give gamers the ability to effortlessly communicate with their friends and freely debate strategies for defeating all opponents.

As for the bass portion of this product, which uses 12mm dynamic drivers, is its standout feature. Sony has moderately fine-tuned “Extra Bass” to produce a deep, powerful, and filtered sound range.

5. Kanen IP-219 wired earbuds

Kanen IP-219 wired earbuds

The rubberized wire used in the Kanen IP-219 earbuds is small and minimizes tangling. The Kanen IP-219 wired earbuds have soft silicone ear cushions to protect the ears, and you may switch between three different sets of ear cushions as needed.

With vibrant, realistic sound and minimal lag, players may become fully immersed in fascinating games.

The product has excellent sound quality in addition to a wonderful voice recording mic that delivers information clearly and coherently, facilitating easy talks with teammates. A switch-style control button is also included on the Kanen IP-219 for versatility in use.

The item’s distinctive design and strong rubber band extend the life of the headset.

6. Kanen IP-218 wired earbuds

Kanen IP-218 wired earbuds

Gamers may freely discuss uncommon strategies with teammates to dispatch adversaries and score goals thanks to the speech mic that can be found on the Kanen IP-218 earbuds. The product boasts amazing sound quality with minimum latency and robust, crisp bass.

The eye-catching yellow-gray color of the Kanen IP-218 in-ear gives them a strong personality style. With soft silicone ear cushions cushioning his ears for hours of gaming without enduring excruciating ear discomfort. 3 pairs of ear cushions in various sizes are included for your convenience.

7. Mozard DS510-WB EP wired earbuds

Mozard DS510-WB EP wired earbuds

The EP Mozard DS510-WB headset sports a built-in microphone that provides clean audio transmission and crystal-clear voice to enable you communicate with friends in-game without worrying about data interference. The product has a striking blue color that draws attention right away.

The product rope is also rigidly constructed to reduce tangling and lengthen durability.

The Mozard DS510-WB in-ear headset has a 3.5mm connection, making it compatible with a wide range of devices, including PCs and smartphones. With the Mozart DS510-WB, you may fully immerse yourself in the virtual world because of its high-pitched bass. You can plainly hear every enemy sound in games, especially first-person shooters. Use the Mozard DS510-WB to quickly master the game.

8. EP Mozard DS509-WB earbuds

EP Mozard DS509-WB earbuds

Thanks to its crystal-clear sound quality and strong bass that adds enticing spice to tough games, the EP Mozard DS509-WB headset is always warmly greeted by gamers. You will tremble when playing music games or speed racing due to the EP Mozard DS509-WB’s wide sound spectrum.

A good voice microphone is also included with the product, enabling clear conversations with teammates.

In order to make playing video games for extended periods of time more comfortable, the EP Mozard DS509-WB in-ear headset has ear cushions with rubber-coated buttons. Furthermore, they aid in reducing outside noise, promises to make you come to the game fired up and not want to leave!

9. Awei ES500Ni wired earbuds

Awei ES500Ni wired earbuds

The Awei ES500Ni in -ear headset is designed with a button-shaped headset that fits snugly into the ear to help limit the product drop when the gamer is too hot. In addition, thanks to the button design, the headset is relatively soundproof, creating more immersive gaming hours.

The product’s robust rubber construction helps to reduce tangling and has a rope length of up to 120 cm.

The built-in vocal mic makes it simple to talk and exchange tactics with teammates because it can transfer information coherently, without delay, or interference. The built-in call button on the headset, in particular, allows players to use it as needed.

The product is compatible with numerous devices, including PCs and phones, because of the 3.5mm jack.

10. Kanen S40 wired earbuds

Kanen S40 wired earbuds

The speech mic on the Kanen S40 earbuds transmits sound clearly and records well, making it easy for players to communicate with friends in-game and raising the intensity of combat. With a prong hook to prevent the headset from falling, the Kanen S40 features a very distinctive appearance.

Additionally, the headset’s crystal deep bass and low latency will let you become fully immersed in the game. Because you can hear the enemy’s footsteps clearly in an FPS game, it is simple to take the initiative. In addition, the Kanen S40 earbuds offer switches and buttons for simple control.


Above, we have revealed the top 10 wired earbuds with mic for gaming. Hope you have chosen for yourself a suitable product.

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