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How To Choose An Earbuds With Mic: Our 4 Best Criteria Recommendation

How To Choose An Earbuds With Mic

Earbuds with microphones are increasingly extensively used since they not only let users speak clearly but are also adaptable. This article will be of great assistance to help you how to choose an earbuds with mic if you want to purchase but are unsure which model to pick.

The difference between headphones without mic and headphones with mic

Headphone line without mic

Headphones without a mic are very common. Currently, there are many types of earphones (in-ear headphones), in-ear headphones or headphones, …

Headphone line without mic



  • Headphone (headphone without mic) is a type of headset that appeared quite early and has a lot on the market today. They are too familiar to the user. This type of headset has a minimalist structure. Consists of only 2 speakers attached to each other via a loop connection over the user’s head. This design makes it handy. Currently, most headphones provide a good user experience. Some high-end products also have the ability to limit sound interference from the external environment.
  • Earbuds (in-ear headphones), in-ear headphones are also very popular. Their advantage is compact design and can be carried anywhere. The downside is that it barely removes much of the ambient noise.

Headphone line with microphone

Headphone line with microphone

There are two most popular types of headsets on the market today, which are headsets and earphones. Inside:


  • Headset is a type of headset that besides features like headphones, they also integrate the function of a microphone. This type of headset with mic allows users to chat easily. Therefore, it is used by many gamers or streamers, … choose to use.
  • Earphones are modern headphones, they are equipped with a cotton pad that contains internal speakers. So when you use it, you can insert it directly into the ear. With this special design, this line of earphones also connects the sound to the ear directly, so the sound quality is very authentic.

How To Choose An Earbuds With Mic

Choose the right product for your needs

Depending on the economic situation and the need to use more or less, you can choose normal or high-end earbuds. Earbuds have a simple or professional design. Earbuds are priced low or high.

For example, if you just need an earbuds with a mic to play home entertainment games in your spare time, you can choose earbuds that don’t need to be too good and high-end. But if you buy an earbuds to serve professional game tournaments, you are a streamer, or have to frequently travel long distances, for work that needs to interact with team members/groups, switchboard, etc. and have ample economic conditions, you should choose genuine, good-quality earbuds to avoid affecting your work and entertainment activities.

How To Choose An Earbuds With Mic

Choose the shape of the earbuds

On the market today, there are many types of earbuds with mic with different shapes. If you need compact headsets and convenient wireless design when traveling, you should choose the headset line of the earphone line.

Choose an earbuds brand and supplier

High-end counterfeit and counterfeit headphones on the market are not uncommon. Therefore, knowing how to choose an earbuds with mic brand and supplier is extremely important. If you are a wise consumer, you already know that reputable headset suppliers like HT Camera will always put the interests of customers first. We specialize in providing genuine, exclusive biker mic headsets from the Cardo brand. This is the world’s leading brand of headphones. Therefore, customers who choose to buy can be completely assured of the quality of service as well as the price.

Interested in microphone features

Of course, when learning how to choose an earbuds with mic, you need to pay more attention to the quality and operation of the microphone. In fact, when choosing a mic, you need to understand your needs, purposes and requirements about the intensity and sound quality to what extent, …

You may not know, but the higher the microphone sensitivity, the better the sound sensitivity. If you are the type of person with a low voice and low bass, you should choose the high sensitivity of the earbuds with the mic and vice versa.

The microphone feature is also designed differently on each type of headset. Therefore, do not just believe in the advertising or through the recommendations of others. Reviews or actual experience videos on the websites of reputable earbuds suppliers are just the basis for your reference only. You should experience them firsthand.


In summary, you must consider the earbuds’s build quality and the configuration of the included microphone in order to know ways on how to choose an earbuds with mic that meets your demands. If you don’t want to ruin the fun or interfere with your work or studies, don’t put your trust in unreliable vendors.

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