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Top 10 Gaming Earbuds With Mic Gamers Should Own

Top 10 Gaming Earbuds With Mic Gamers Should Own

This post will lead you through the best earbud options available and will reveal the main benefits of these tiny audio gadgets. Let’s start making new waves after grabbing one of set of the top 10 gaming earbuds with mic from Earbudscity.

Top 10 Gaming Earbuds With Mic

 1. Mindbeast Earbuds

Searching for a set of earbuds to play games that are inexpensive? The best earbuds are the MINDBEAST models!

The MINDBEAST Earbuds are quite feature-rich and affordable, with good audio performance and adequate noise isolation. Because of the silicone ear tips and the low weight of 18 grams, they are also wonderfully comfortable. For casual play and mobile gaming on a tight budget, we heartily recommend them.

Top 10 Gaming Earbuds With Mic-Mindbeast Earbuds



  • Inexpensive, under $20
  • Includes a lovely leather carrying pouch.
  • Compatible with all of your devices


  • No wireless capability
  • Mic echoes, according to some users
  • Not noise-cancelling, but noise-isolating

2. HyperX Cloud Earbuds

The HyperX Cloud Earbuds are top 10 gaming earbuds with mic if you’re looking for a wired pair of gaming earbuds for mobile or console play.

You can play clearly and immersively with the HyperX Clouds. A 14mm neodymium driver serves as the system’s foundation and produces shockingly good bass in addition to a wide range of tones. The shell and silicone ear tips are next, then a practical, tangle-free cord with an in-line microphone. Oh, and it’s all neatly assembled in a little carrying case.

HyperX Cloud Earbuds


  • Thick, flat, and untangling cable
  • Includes three sizes of proprietary silicone ear tips.
  • High-quality gaming audio is delivered with a strong bass and crisp tones.


  • The quality of music is lackluster
  • In-line volume controls are absent.
  • A single audio in/out is required for PC use.

3. Turtle Beach Battle Buds

Turtle Beach’s Battle Buds are incredibly adaptable gaming earphones created to function on PC, mobile, and console platforms. However, we have found them to be quite entertaining on the Switch, which goes well with their cordless and portable form.

The Battle Buds are equipped with 10mm speakers, a detachable microphone, and multifunctional in-line controls. All of your favorite movies and TV shows have crystal clear audio thanks to them (including Fortnite), a high-quality, reasonably priced choice designed especially for gamers.

Turtle Beach Battle Buds


  • Utilizes all devices
  • Removable microphone with excellent in-line controls
  • Sleek black-and-white or blue-and-white pattern


  • Mic is echo-prone
  • Seems to not fit everyone’s ears.
  • After 2-3 hours, becomes uncomfortable

4. HP Gaming Earbuds

It might surprise some people to see HP on this list as they are more well-known for their desktops and laptops than their gaming accessories. But do not fret. Despite being a newcomer to the gaming world, HP put their best foot forward with the HP Gaming Earbuds, and as a result, they swiftly rose to the top of the industry!

What distinguishes these gaming earbuds? They have premium 10mm drivers, which are paired with copper wires to produce rich tones, and they also have good sound quality. Additionally, they are incredibly adaptable, functioning with almost every game platform possible. Having said that, they really shine on the PS4 and PS5, which allow for simple plug and play.

So why are you still waiting? Step into action by connecting the mic, donning the headset, and adjusting the in-line volume settings.

HP Gaming Earbuds


  • Sleek and small design
  • HP superior workmanship
  • Exceptionally comfortable for extended use


  • Without bass
  • Mic isn’t flexible
  • Only one color

5. Enhance Gaming Earbuds

Are you a serious Xbox One or Series X|S gamer? If yes, our top 10 gaming earbuds with mic recommendation for you is the Enhance Gaming Earbuds!

These earbuds have a lot of cutting-edge features, including as a large frequency range of 20Hz–20KHz and real bass vibration feedback (matching the gaming controller). Additionally, it uses materials that are incredibly durable, including as metal driver housings and a premium, TeamSpeak-certified microphone with integrated controls.

The accessories may be our favorite feature of these earbuds. They include extra ear tips, a carrying case, and a splitter for crystal-clear PC audio. You may now use your Xbox Game Pass anywhere you play!

Enhance Gaming Earbuds


  • Elegant black and blue pattern
  • Vibrational feedback through the Tactile Reality Engine
  • Includes a PC audio channel splitter for all platforms.


  • No mic mute feature
  • They make some users uncomfortable.
  • QC concerns, with the arrival of broken earbuds

6. Sony MDR Earbuds

Are you looking for strong 12mm dome drivers that dominate the competition? The Sony MDR Earbuds are the solution.

Along with best-in-class dome drivers and neodymium sound magnets, the MDRs deliver deep basses and rich tones. Five ear tip sizes virtually ensure the ideal fit for any gamer, while the lightweight design and hybrid silicone earbuds provide all-day comfort.

The MDR Earbuds also have a microphone, which is convenient, however it’s quiet and the sound is a little tinny. However, if you don’t communicate often, this is the greatest choice available.

Sony MDR Earbuds


  • It is lightweight at only 8 grams.
  • Hybrid silicone earbuds that are comfortable
  • Excellent bass from 12mm dome drivers


  • No volume control
  • Mic sound quality is inadequate.
  • Even with “tangle-free” design, cords can tangle.

7. Klim Fusion Earbuds

The Klim Fusion Earbuds are a fantastic option if you enjoy playing video games for long stretches of time.

Why are they so good options for ongoing gameplay?

They first have memory foam ear tips that are custom-fit to your ear canals. This not only provides a ton of comfort, but also acts as a noise-isolating device to keep outside noises, well, outside. The audio and mic quality are likewise nothing to scoff at, and you can anticipate crystal clear audio throughout the whole playthrough.

Finally, the in-ear weight is about 20 grams, so you won’t even notice them!

Klim Fusion Earbuds


  • High-end audio for under $20.
  • A five-year warranty
  • Ear tips made of memory foam provide unrivaled comfort.


  • Too quiet for some person
  • Absurdly long chord (66 inches)
  • For smaller ears, not as comfortable

8. Bose QuietComfort

We advise spending on these fantastic Bose earphones if you require excellent noise cancellation and a noise-rejecting microphone. The QuietComfort earbuds from any audio provider provide the highest audio quality and the best noise cancellation. By touching or swiping across the earphones themselves, you may adjust the volume settings and the amount of noise that is allowed to pass through.

At first, wireless earphones were ridiculed, but they have gained popularity and improved due to competition. The Bose QuietComfort set’s battery life is 6 hours, and the quick-charging case doubles that.

Bose QuietComfort




  • Charges using Qi or USB-C
  • Weather and sweat resistant
  • Noise cancellation for the microphone and audio


  • There is not enough volume
  • Don’t comfortably fit all of the ears
  • Exorbitantly priced earbuds

9. Master & Dynamic MW07

The MW07s from Master & Dynamic have the greatest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, a 10-hour battery life, and a 100-foot range, making them the best wireless gaming earbuds with mic available. Users adore its unique 10mm Beryllium drivers, which provide a rich and broad sound profile that rivals that of more expensive headphones.

Even though the MW07 wasn’t made with gaming in mind, you may still play on PC and other Bluetooth devices while admiring their superb craftsmanship and stylish appearance. These high-quality earbuds can set you back a pretty penny—upwards of $200. If you want to save money, choose for a different colour at a cheaper cost.

Master & Dynamic MW07



  • Offers a battery life of up to 10 hours.
  • Deep, rich tones are complemented by contoured ear tips.
  • For gaming with friends, a noise-canceling microphone is great.


  • Very expensive
  • No independent app
  • Synchronization takes a few seconds.

10. Razer Hammerhead Wireless Gaming Earbuds

The Hammerhead Wireless Gaming Earbuds are another outstanding piece of gaming equipment from Razer.

With outstanding sound quality and a 60ms input lag that reacts to in-game activities in real-time, these are the best wireless gaming earbuds. Additionally, these earbuds have a built-in microphone for communications and touch controls for quick audio adjustments. The Hammerhead Wireless Gaming Earbuds are amazingly comfy for extended use and look great too. They have a similar design to Apple’s Airpods.

These earbuds are definitely the best ones available for PC and console gaming because of how versatile they are.

Razer Hammerhead Wireless Gaming Earbuds


  • 13 mm drivers with perfect clarity
  • Apple-style slim design and charging case
  • The 60ms response time offers immediate audible feedback.


  • No RGB
  • Touch controls are problematic.
  • Only has a 3 hour (or so) continuous charge capacity.

Final Thought

The HyperX Cloud Earbuds are the best gaming earbuds currently on the market, according to our review of the top 10 gaming earbuds with mic. It has cable connectivity and is ideal for a game console. Along with a lightweight body, it has a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Turtle Beach Battle Buds are yet another fantastic product you may use. It is available for a reasonable price.

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