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Timekettle WT2 Edge translator earbuds review- The best translation headset

Timekettle WT2 Edge AI translator earbuds review

Language and cultural barriers have been greatly reduced by the internet and, more especially, apps with internet connectivity; nonetheless, having face-to-face talks still heavily depends on knowing that particular additional language. Options like Google Translate and others are available, however they might not perfectly fit the situation. With the help of their new WT2 Plus, Timekettle has developed a solution that enables you to speak and listen naturally. And today, Earbudscity will discuss Timekettle WT2 Edge AI translator earbuds review.

Timekettle WT2 Edge AI translator earbuds review- Design

We must first discuss the previous models before talking about the WT2 Edge translator earbuds review. TimeKettle continues to sell the WT2 Plus and M2, but the WT2 Edge supersedes them.

With some big earbuds that contained earmuffs for prolonged wear and a working life of around five hours, the WT2 Plus offered one-way simultaneous translation.

With a weight reduction from the 10g to just 5.4g each earbud, the M2 earbuds are even smaller and lighter, making them easier to wear and carry. Dual beamforming microphones were also made available. In addition to their ability to translate, they are available for the reasonable price of $99 and may be used to listen to music or take phone calls.

The subsequent release of the WT2 Edge, which matches the M2’s lighter weight while enabling simultaneous translation in both directions, adding directional speech recognition, and intelligent noise suppression, Going back to the original WT2 Plus restriction of not being able to be used for music or taking phone calls, though, is a puzzler.

Timekettle WT2 Edge AI translator earbuds review

This design’s selling point, according to TimeKettle, is that it is the most advanced translation tool to date, offering much increased accuracy and speed of translation. However, these are also the priciest earphones they have yet produced.

The first thing we noticed about the WT2 Edge right out of the package was the smaller it was than the M2 carry cases and WT2 Plus. The box is practically the same size as the little one that Apple includes with its AirPods.

This cover smartly serves as a charger in addition to safeguarding the earbuds while in transportation.

Although the earbuds only have a three-hour battery life, the case’s internal battery can recharge them three times. By doing so, the operational time can be increased to 12 hours without requiring a Type-C charger.

These have a beautiful design that isn’t significantly different in shape from pricy Bluetooth earbuds. They don’t function in the same way as Bluetooth earbuds, though.

It is not possible to get 12 continuous hours out of them because charging takes 90 minutes.

Timekettle WT2 Edge AI translator earbuds review- Usage

A smartphone application available for Apple iOS and Google Android is required to run the WT2 Edge hardware. It works with the WT2, M2, WT2 Edge earbuds, and Zero speaker, and it is the same application regardless of the TimeKettle hardware.

The earbuds must be associated with the app while it is open because trying to connect them as standard Bluetooth audio devices will not work.

They also won’t pair when do’re in the charging case, but they pair quickly when you take them out of the box or put them in your ears.

93 accents are currently available, including 20 that are peculiar to Spanish dialects, and 40 different languages. Although offline translation is provided for seven languages, these can only be translated in real time with an internet connection. Fish credits can be used to purchase further offline translations, each of which costs five credits.

However, the application is a little strange in that it won’t ask you which languages you want to use it with before letting you choose from four different modes.

It automatically selects English for the second language and Chinese (Simplified) for the first. Regressing through the application to a sub-menu where you can choose the two languages to translate is required to switch this.

Timekettle WT2 Edge AI translator earbuds review

Simul, Touch, Speaker, and Group Chat are the four possible modes through the app.

Simul mode, which stands for simultaneous, is made so that you can offer the person you want to talk to one of your earbuds. The most striking aspect of this solution is that it allows for easy discussion flow and doesn’t have a problem with individuals talking over each other.

For individuals who feel uncomfortable giving pricey equipment to complete strangers, speaker mode enables you to keep the earpiece in place while still using the phone to output to the foreign speaker. It is not essential to give the other party anything; the pods still function as microphones to capture both sides of the conversation.

Touch mode, a version on Simul, enables deactivation and activation of the earphones by tapping the side of them. The greatest situation for this would be in a three-way conversation with someone who speaks your native tongue. It could be preferable and less perplexing for the other foreign language speaker to be able to selectively translate what is discussed between you rather than translating everything.

The last option is Group Chat, a unique feature made for video conferencing situations where up to 30 people can join a meeting without needing to speak the same language.

Timekettle WT2 Edge

Final thought

Overall, we’d be more inclined to suggest these if they were $199 or less. However, you aren’t getting a deal on headphones if they cost at least $249 and you can’t use them to listen to music.

On the other hand, the best Timekettle WT2 Edge AI translator earbuds review we’ve discussed and this earbuds may possibly be worth considerably more to anybody who frequently travels for work.


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