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The 4 coolest earbuds that can translate you should own when travelling abroad

The earbuds that can translate

Earbuds that can translate have to be among the top technology for a travel enthusiast. Without using Google Translate, this delicate yet inventive invention will enable you to comprehend what a foreigner or a local is saying.

Knowing the value of top-notch headphones, we conducted a study of the market to compile a list of the top earbuds that can translate. We made an effort to provide both inexpensive and more expensive solutions. Let’s discover with Earbudscity.

Timekettle M3 Earbuds That Can Translate

Sale price: $159.98

Finding a product made by a reputable brand, like Timekettle, is always a plus.

Truly, these earbuds are more expensive, but we were eager to see if they lived up to their claims of a novel design and two-way translation.

And to my astonishment, they do in fact function—just not for two-way discourse that is flowing and entirely natural.

They are perfect for getting assistance when you need it and for quick translations.

The amazing translation possibilities that these earbuds showcased is what we were most enthusiastic about. The price is justified by the fact that you can translate between up to 40 different languages in 93 accents.

Most importantly, we were pleased with how quickly this translator connected to the world server.

One of many advantages is that even without a network connection, you can use these earbuds to translate in real-time.

Timekettle M3 Earbuds That Can Translate

We delighted in the crystal-clear audio while listening to music or speaking on a conference call thanks to the Bluetooth 5.2 chip.

The active noise-cancelling (ANC) earbuds have generally good music sound quality.

The three various settings that these earbuds have were quite appealing to us. You will undoubtedly appreciate the seamless translation whether you select the Touch, Listen, or Speaker mode. Most importantly, we were able to play continuously for over 7 hours on a single battery. Additionally, the playtime can be increased to over 25 hours if you keep the earbuds linked to a portable charging case.

The fact that these earbuds are constructed in accordance with the most recent ergonomic standards and feature memory foam tips and IPX4 sweatproof technology is pretty commendable.

Overall, we have nothing negative to say about this Timekettle product other than the higher pricing.


  • Bilingual translation
  • Over 40 different languages
  • Offline interpretation
  • Control by touch
  • Touch, Listen, and Speaker are three distinct modalities.
  • Comfortable
  • Activated Noise Cancellation (ANC)


  • Pricey compared to alternatives

JoveTrans Lite Earbuds That Can Translate

Price: $149.00

These earbuds that can translate are among the most beautiful on the market and come in Ankara White, Amazon Green, and California Red. It is a pair to think about because it supports languages including Arabic, Catalan, English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, and even Serbian.

JoveTrans Lite Earbuds That Can Translate

First and foremost, we were concerned with how effective they are in noise cancellation. We were shocked to learn that the stereo system and cutting-edge design enable effective multilingual translation even in a noisy environment.

The ability to operate the earbuds with a single touch or by voice is the coolest feature. We discovered the JoveTrans software to be quite user-friendly, with decent connectivity (iOS/Android) and a straightforward setup.

The time it takes for this translator to pick up and translate what is being spoken was the primary problem we encountered. However, for conference calls and music streaming, we could unquestionably count on it.



  • Slowness of response

Anfier Earbuds That Can Translate

ANFIER earbuds that can translate, which is powered by four of the best translation engines and covers more than 90% of the global population, has a translation accuracy rate of 97%. Additionally, 15 servers throughout the globe enable translation in 0.5 seconds with low latency and provide nearly smooth simultaneous translation.

For precise, real-time translation, ANFIER translator earbuds combine with the expert WarsTrans App. When everyone is using earbuds that can translate, it offers a touch mode (nearly flawless simultaneous translation) for carrying on a discussion. The second mode, speaker mode, uses the phone’s speaker to translate and read aloud for brief, straightforward conversations with just one earpiece. The second option is especially helpful at this time because of the pandemic.

ANFIER Earbuds That Can Translate


Better than other models on the market, ANFIER translator earbuds have a high capacity battery and a special power management algorithm that allows them to operate continuously for 5 hours when completely charged. The devices have a battery life of up to 24 hours when used with the charging case, which has an additional 19 hours of charging capacity. Read how to charge wireless earbuds with charging case.

The tiny, anatomically correct ANFIER ergonomic earbuds allow you to wear them for extended periods of time without experiencing any discomfort or weight. Additionally, it features three earplug sides so that customers can select earplugs dependent on the size of their auricles.

This headphone may give you an immersive musical listening experience thanks to its high-quality loudspeakers. As a result, it may be used as the ideal earphone for both phone calls and listening to music.

Pomya Smart Earbuds That Can Translate

First and foremost, we were concerned with its durability, which is crucial, especially while you’re on the run. We discovered that these headphones can operate continuously for up to 6 hours and can operate in standby mode for more than 180 hours. Given the 500mAh charging case, the charging duration of approximately 2 hours is not excessive.

It’s wonderful that the Pomya earbuds can be stored in the same case. These earbuds’ memory foam tips and lightweight design are great features. When you have to wear these for several hours or more, such a structure is really helpful.

Pomya Smart Earbuds That Can Translate



The 5.0 chip facilitates real-time translation and provides speedier data transmission. However, if you were wanting to use these headphones to listen to music with robust bass, reconsider. These are, in our opinion, far superior for translation and conference calls. The Bluetooth 5.0 technology has good connectivity, and you can even turn on the lock screen translation mode.

A single key located at the rear of these earbuds makes it simple to perform all functions. The primary difficulty we have is that the 33 languages are only available through an app that you must download and rent. This seems to go against how reasonably priced the Pomya earbuds are.


  • Affordable price
  • A lightweight design
  • Available in over 33 languages.
  • One-click operation
  • Trustworthy 5.0 chip


  • Pricier app
  • A low bass

Final thought

The choice of earbuds that can translate is entirely up to you, and it should be based on your needs and financial situation. Our personal favorite are the slightly more expensive, but excellent translation-delivery Timekettle earbuds.

The Anfier Language Translator Earbuds are our second option because they are made expressly for real-time translation and are reasonably priced for virtually anyone.

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