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The Most Useful Samsung Earbud Pro Review

Samsung Earbud Pro Review

Despite Samsung choosing to announce its latest set of wireless earbuds amid the chaos of the all-digital CES 2021, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro managed to steal the show when it launched in early 2021.

The fact that it was revealed shortly after the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is also an anomaly. This device, which features active noise cancellation (ANC) and a distinct design, falls short of the premium experience Samsung promised. Thankfully, the Galaxy Buds Pro ups the ante with improved sound and noise cancellation, along with some new features and a more traditional style. In the article Samsung earbud pro review, we will learn about the improvements and information of Samsung earbud pro to evaluate whether this headset is worth buying.

The Best Samsung Earbud Pro Review

Samsung Earbud Pro Review

Samsung Earbud Pro Review: Design

The distinctive design of the Galaxy Buds Live is something Samsung should be commended for, but it’s not as appealing or useful as the advertising claims. To maximize the performance of the Galaxy Buds Pro, it needs to be round. This shape meets convenience and wearability, from a larger screen for precise touch input to an enlarged audio port for seamless insertion.

Following the Samsung Earbud Pro review, although it is a fingerprint magnet, the high-gloss surface creates a great shine for quality images. Three modern colors follow, with Phantom Violet standing out as the most prominent of the bunch.

The hard plastic used to create the Galaxy Buds Pro complies with the IPX7 requirements for durable water resistance. Due to the sturdy construction, you should not worry that the shoots will break if they fall hard to the ground. You’ll also love some of the small design tweaks Samsung has made, such as the external microphones at the top and bottom of each bud and the air vents on the buds’ innermost top portion.

The ultra-compact charging case, significantly smaller than the one for the Galaxy Buds Live and AirPods Pro, is more appealing than the earbuds themselves. When attached to the base, it shows off the shoots wonderfully and feels solid in the hand. The charging status is indicated by a small LED on the front panel. Another stunning detail is the airbrushed Samsung logo at the top. The fragility of the lid due to the weak magnet is the only thing I can criticize.

Although your concha will feel a little stiff after about an hour of wearing it, the Galaxy Buds Pro rest firmly on the ear when adjusted correctly and make a great impression for full audio enjoyment after being adjusted.

Samsung Earbud Pro Review: Active Noise Cancellation

Samsung Earbud Pro Review

There are two ANC settings on the Galaxy Buds Pro: Low and High. Each is specifically designed for a unique situation, with the Low being designed for small spaces like offices and the High being said to be able to withstand higher levels of ambient noise.

Externally, ANC is not very efficient. To reduce interference, Samsung created what it calls Wind Shield technology, but even the summer breezes of West Palm Beach could be heard when I listened to music on the front porch. Also, the whistling sound of passing cars can be heard. The technology doesn’t seem to work very well on airplanes, even if I don’t currently have the privilege of trying these buds in flight.

Four levels (Low, Medium, High, and Extra High) improve my outside sound and help me become more attentive in crowded spaces. It was interesting to listen to my wife’s conversation with her sisters at the Low while also keeping track of the first-comers at the High from a few rooms down.

Don’t turn on Extra High because the amplification is too loud unless you want to be able to hear what’s going on from a mile away. Samsung’s dedication to improving listening is evident in this, but it’s also an annoyance that you should avoid.

Samsung Earbud Pro Review: Audio Quality

Samsung’s sizable two-way speakers deliver crisp mids and punchy bass. It was interesting to hear how evenly the bass was distributed. I indulged in some Jazz benchmarks to get a feel for the Galaxy Buds Pro’s frequency spectrum, and the result is very quiet.

To provide “multidimensional sound” and more sonic depth when viewing video content, Samsung created 360 Audio, their own spatial audio alternative. 360 Audio uses Dolby Head Tracking. What I can say is that both the podcast and the video have incredible sound quality.

Samsung Earbud Pro Review: Battery Life

Samsung Earbud Pro Review

Taking into account high volume, streaming, and listening modes, Samsung estimates battery life at 5 hours with ANC enabled, but in reality, it’s closer to 4 to 4.5 hours. This is much less than the 4.5 hours that the AirPods Pro provides, which is really disappointing. BILLION

That’s not to say the Galaxy Buds Pro can’t offer longer playtime; it just means that ANC and other functions like Bixby must be disabled. Battery life is increased to 8 hours by turning them off.

One big disappointment is the fact that Samsung’s charging case is underrated compared to Apple’s; Galaxy Buds Pro can last for an extra 18 hours with ANC enabled, while AirPods can last for 24 hours. This is increased to 28 hours when features are disabled.

But there’s also some good news. The charging case for Galaxy Buds Pro can be placed on any Qi-compatible wireless charging pad to recharge the device without connecting any cables as it supports wireless charging. And as has already been pointed out, PowerShare is available to you.

Samsung Earbud Pro Review: Call Quality And Connectivity

Samsung’s wireless headset has received mixed reviews as a calling headset. When it comes to the Galaxy Buds Pro, not much has changed. Although I received excellent service during Skype calls – voices on both sides sounded clear and loud – phone calls left much to be desired. When we talked, I sometimes had a muffled and slightly distorted voice. She also observed that until I started talking, the background noise was completely silent, making the surrounding noises and strong winds more audible.

The superior connectivity these earbuds provide makes for poor call quality. All I want is for it to work on any Android and iOS device. Another issue I had is that the Galaxy Buds Pro only allows you to pair with one audio source at a time due to the lack of multipoint capabilities.

To Sum Up

Through Samsung earbud pro review, How does it compare to the AirPods Pro? Yes, but only for Galaxy smartphone users and, more significantly, Android users. Does it distinguish itself as the market leader? No. And that is entirely OK.

The model’s strongest points are its audio and wireless capabilities, which reward listeners with a dynamic sound that goes well with most music genres and via a reliable connection. The Galaxy Wearable app also expands functionality, albeit iOS users are cut off from any ability to change settings.

Samsung’s flagship headphones are still a good choice for all Android users when performance and pricing are taken into account.

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