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How To Choose a Bluetooth Speaker With 8 Basic Rules?

How To Choose a Bluetooth Speaker With 8 Basic Rules

A great Bluetooth speaker is an essential toolkit for any music lover as it is versatile and can be used for many different purposes. Today, the best Bluetooth speakers come with sonic specifications that can rival traditional wired speakers, offering the perfect combination of convenience and high-quality sound. However, choosing the right Bluetooth speaker for your needs can be difficult, with so many different brands and models to consider as well as so many specs for you to learn about. How to choose a Bluetooth speaker? Here we have a list of some basic things you should keep in mind when buying a Bluetooth speaker.

What is a Bluetooth speaker?

A Bluetooth speaker is a wireless audio peripheral to connect to that makes it easier for you to enjoy your favorite music or podcasts. Most are portable and you can take them almost anywhere. Some Bluetooth speakers can connect to a Wi-Fi system or by wire, but the big draw of this type of speaker is its portability.

How to choose a Bluetooth speaker?

Types of Bluetooth speakers

  • FloorStanding Speakers
    As the name suggests, these are floor-standing speakers in your home and deliver an immersive experience. Loud volume with powerful bass. These speakers are also known as tower speakers and have multiple drivers to cover one or more audio frequencies.
  • Bookshelf Speakers
    Not exactly the speaker you’ll keep on your bookshelf. These are speakers that need to be placed at least 38 to 41 inches above the floor. Suitable for those who want true surround sound and an 8D listening experience.
  • Satellite Speakers
    As the name suggests, these speakers can be placed anywhere just like a satellite. In addition, you can also use it as a Bluetooth speaker in your bedroom, living room and other places.

Types of Bluetooth speakers

Sound quality

All sounds have frequency, which is a measure of how high or low a sound is and is measured in Hertz (Hz). The most important thing when looking for a Bluetooth speaker is its sound quality. To determine sound quality, the total harmonic distortion should be less than 1%. Also note the frequency range, it should be between 100 Hz and 20 kHz, which is within the limits of human hearing. Lower frequencies will give better bass quality.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers

Technically, no electronic device is completely waterproof, with enough time and depth, any speaker will fail, but some Bluetooth speakers are built to last longer than others. Durability is usually indicated by the official Ingress Protection (IP) rating. IP ratings are important because they show you that the product in question has passed enough rigorous standards to warrant an official dust or water resistance rating. The standard waterproof rating is IPX4 and anything IPX7 or higher can withstand varying degrees of submersion. If the speaker has an IP44 rating, it’s both dust and water-resistant.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers

Smart Bluetooth Speakers with Wi-Fi

Typically, this type of Bluetooth speaker is advertised as a Bluetooth-capable smart speaker. Smart Bluetooth speakers are often found in homes, with the option of wireless listening. The smart speaker can connect to a WiFi network for high-resolution audio playback, providing better sound quality than a standalone Bluetooth speaker because it supports lossless playback. Smart Bluetooth speakers also tend to support hands-free access to a certain smart assistant, be it Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. This can be great when you’re cooking or doing housework and need to check in or check the weather before stepping outside.

How to choose a Bluetooth speaker

Battery Life

Weekend outings need a speaker with extended battery life. Modern speakers typically offer at least eight hours of playtime on a single charge, but even that may not be enough to power an evening at your campsite. Bluetooth speaker battery life varies greatly depending on the type of speaker you buy. A good rule of thumb: the louder the speaker, the longer the battery life. But this is not always the case; you also have to take into account some features that can drain the power quickly.


This is the biggest determining factor for speaker purchase. Sound quality, frequency and factors change as the price increases. If you are a true enthusiast then you are willing to pay a lot for a high-quality speaker.

Different brands

There are a lot of cheap Bluetooth speakers on Amazon, but not all of these models are good, so you should keep a few brands in mind if you want to be sure of the quality. Sonos Bluetooth speakers are a great choice if you want to bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors, with the ability to form part of a larger multi-room system- and you can be sure they’ll also deliver great sound. JBL is well known for making rugged, affordable outdoor speakers, and this line of party speakers even comes with built-in light shows.

If waterproofing is a priority, look for models from Ultimate Ears, which combine fun, colorful designs with sturdy construction- many of which can withstand a dip in the pool. Consider premium audio brands like Bose and Bang & Olufsen if you want a combination of stylish design and great sound -but be prepared for a relatively steep price tag. If you want to save money, Urbanista, Tribit, and Anker offer great speakers that aren’t too expensive.

Different brands


Drivers are the heart of any speaker, so it’s imperative that you have a properly sized driver. Most portable speakers will typically have 40mm drivers, which is the right size to start with. If you want larger drivers then the overall size of the speakers will also increase. The number of drivers and their placement also make a difference to the sound of a speaker. Smaller Bluetooth speakers typically come with a single, full-range driver and are positioned either upwards or downwards for better sound delivery.


Those are the 8 basic rules you need to know if you don’t know How to choose a Bluetooth speaker. With these fundamentals in mind, it’s a lot easier to narrow down the Bluetooth speaker that’s right for your listening preferences. There are many options available in Bluetooth speakers, but choosing the right one according to your intended use and preferences will help you buy the best product. Let us know which speaker you choose in the comments section below.

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