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Instruction how to charge Bytech wireless earbuds and charger case fast

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Features of Bytech wireless earbuds

Features of Bytech wireless earbuds

  • These tiny, wireless earbuds are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and have a small design. Additionally, they also have no visible wires, making them truly wireless. They also fit your ear perfectly.
  • The case is exceptionally small and can fit in a pocket, tote, or backpack with ease.
  • Up to 15 hours of music or phone calls can be enjoyed when using the case and earbuds. They are also connected and charge quickly.
  • Additional features include up to 80 hours of standby time, two to three hours of playtime between charges, and an hour for the earbuds to completely recharge.
  • The 33-foot connection radius offered by Bluetooth 5.0 ensures that your connection will remain steady. Enjoy highs, love middls, and feel bass.
  • Your favorite music’s bass, mids, and highs are all precisely balanced, with a frequency response ranging from 20 Hz to 20 KHz.
  • The bass, middle, and highs of your favorite music have a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 KHz, and they are all flawlessly matched.
  • Hip-hop, rock, pop, jazz, blues, country, or classical music—whatever you prefer—the sound output delivers what you want and is even simpler to operate.
  • Control buttons: A single button on each earbud controls all activities. To start or stop your music, double-click the right earbud. Hold the button down to skip to the next song or turn up the volume.
  • An automated pause in the audio for incoming calls is one of the similar features for the left earbud. Each earpiece has a single button for answering calls, a double button for ending calls, and a press and hold button for rejecting calls.
  • Included in everything you need is: All you have to do is insert the included micro-USB into the charger or your computer to fully charge the case and headphones. You risk getting stuck while attempting to pair the case with your phone using the indication light once it is completely charged. To make charging your mobile devices simple, put the case in your pocket.

How to charge Bytech wireless earbuds

How to charge Bytech wireless earbuds

Placing the earbuds into the charging case, then close the charging case’s lid. When you open the lid, the battery LED within the charging case is red, yellow, or green to show the earbuds’ current battery state.

The earphones need around two hours to fully recharge. If the battery is low, charging them in the charging case for 10 to 20 minutes will result in a gain of up to an hour of battery life.

How to charge Bytech wireless earbuds

How to charge Bytech charging case

Connect the charging case to a USB power source or approved wall charger. The charging case and the earphones take about two hours to fully charge.

How to charge Bytech charging case

How to charge Bytech wireless earbuds without case

To charge earbuds without case with a micro USB, you must attach a Micro USB cable to your device and either a computer or a USB converter. You then have to wait till your earbuds are fully charged.

How to use Bytech wireless earbuds

The headset’s power button will begin to flicker red and blue as you continue to keep it down. Hold down the power buttons on both of the wireless earbuds. The earbuds or headset are connected when they have a solid blue glow. Once you have the device’s model number, connect.

FAQ about charging Bytech wireless earbuds

How long does it take to charge an Bytech wireless earbud?

Don’t forget to completely charge the battery before using it for the first time. It should take approximately 3.5 hours to complete the recharge. How should my Bytech earbuds be recharged? The charging port on the back of the casing is where you should attach the USB-C charging cable.

What are the workings of Bytech Bluetooth earbuds?


  • Use your smartphone’s navigation to find the Bluetooth Settings.
  • Turn the Bluetooth function on in your device.
  • On your Bluetooth device, select device’s name from the list of compatible devices.
  • The indicator LEDs will turn off to demonstrate that the earbuds are in place.

Do Android devices support Bytech wireless earbuds?

The majority of earbuds goods are only designed to work with iPad, iPod, and iPhone gadgets. As a result, they work with Android-based devices.

How can I tell if my Bytech wireless earbuds are charging?

Any other standard USB power port, such as the one on a laptop or the charging port for an iPod, iPhone, etc., should be connected to the charging cable’s standard USB connector. The Power/Charging/Pairing signal will turn red while charging. The indicator will go off when the battery is fully charged.

My Bytech wireless earbuds are not charging.

To charge the battery, attach the larger plug of the provided USB charging cable to a powered USB port on a computer or a USB/AC adapter. The smaller plug should then be attached to the side USB charging connector of the control dongle.

How do I know when my earbuds are fully charged?

Check the status of the earphones’ battery indicator light. The case and earbuds will both charge simultaneously once they are put in. Both the case and the earbuds may be charged separately. Charginf in red, and green indicates full charge.


Above Earbudscity guide you how to charge Bytech wireless earbuds and related information about charging. Hopefully , you like and do successfully.

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