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Airpods Pro vs Airpods 3 – Which Is Better?

Airpods Pro vs Airpods 3

There are several models of Apple’s AirPods currently available. But Airpods Pro vs Airpods 3 – which is better?

The Pro model is one of the best true wireless headphones as it boasts features like noise cancellation, water resistance, adjustable ear tips, adaptive EQ, a larger soundstage, and audio support. space bar. However, the standard AirPods lack all those features.

However, the advent of AirPods 3 almost eliminated all those problems, bringing the devices closer to parity and making them two of the best headphones Apple can buy. Okay.

Today, the variations between the two AirPods are just four instead of twelve. This makes it easier than ever to choose the one that’s best for you in several respects. However, the decision is up to you and your tastes. Therefore, read our full Airpods Pro vs Airpods 3 review for a detailed breakdown of both items.

To help you choose between Airpods Pro vs Airpods 3, we’ve outlined the key differences between the two truly wireless earbuds below.

Airpods Pro vs Airpods 3 Review

Airpods Pro vs Airpods 3: Design And Comfort

Airpods Pro vs Airpods 3

While there isn’t much of an aesthetic difference between the two, there’s one notable difference: the AirPods Pro includes replaceable ear tips that provide a snug and secure fit. more complete.

At first, a better-fitted headset seems to hurt more, but since no sound is lost when it leaves the ear, more snug-fit earbuds offer the best bass response. There is no harm in having them in the ear canal because the tips are soft silicone. Since the tips of the standard AirPods are made of hard plastic, which sometimes doesn’t fit well on the outside of the ear canal, we actually found them more uncomfortable.

Airpods Pro vs Airpods 3: Noise Cancellation

Airpods Pro vs Airpods 3

Because the AirPods Pro has active noise cancellation built-in, you would choose them over the AirPods 3. This enables you to take them outside without being bothered by sounds from the outer world. For this reason, they are our favorite travel companions and are wonderful on the commute when you need to unwind for a while.

Now, even if you choose not to use the potent active noise cancellation feature, the standard AirPods will still provide you with some passive noise isolation due to the buds’ ability to partially cover the ear canal. Although this isn’t nearly as effective as true ANC, you should be aware that both earbuds will at least somewhat reduce background noise.

In order to more precisely determine if AirPods are in the ear and halt playing, the basic AirPods use a brand-new skin-detect sensor. In order to prevent it from mistaking pockets, tables, or other surfaces for skin, the new skin-detect sensor detects the water content in the wearer’s skin.

The AirPods Pro employs two optical sensors rather than skin-detect sensors in each earbud to determine if they are in the user’s ear. The optical sensors may detect when they are against a surface or covered, rather than particularly detecting skin, even though they essentially serve the same purpose. As a result, music may unintentionally restart if you place an AirPods Pro earpiece in a pocket or on a surface.

Airpods Pro vs Airpods 3: Battery Life

Airpods Pro vs Airpods 3 2

The AirPods 3 clearly outperform the AirPods Pro in one key area: battery life. With a six-hour listening duration, the AirPods 3 aren’t exactly class leaders, but their 4.5-hour battery life is a significant improvement over the Pros. It’s a draw there because both sets of earphones have an additional 24 hours of charge in the case.

Why then do the earbuds, which are apparently better, have such a limited battery life? All of the battery life loss is due to active noise cancellation. It turns out that the AirPods 3 are able to preserve the charge and last longer since they lack such capability.

Airpods Pro vs Airpods 3: Price

In terms of affordability, the AirPods 3 are the undisputed champion. They debuted for much less than the AirPods Pro‘s fixed pricing of $249, ¬£249, or AU$399, at $179, ¬£169, and $279, respectively. For the same price, you can now purchase Apple’s new AirPods Pro 2 and have them before they go on sale on September 23.

But there’s a catch. As a result of the AirPods Pro’s extended time on the market, we’ve started to see some amazing bargains that reduce their pricing down to that of the AirPods 3, especially during the bigger sales events. It’s possible that the cost of the two earphones is equal.


There is no obvious victor. However, we believe that the AirPods Pro (2019) is the superior truly wireless earbuds for the vast majority of iOS users.

They should cost almost as little as the AirPods 3 when they’re on sale, and with to features like active noise cancellation and replaceable earbuds, they’re more pleasant and practical than the more recent model.

Having said that, you may argue that the AirPods 3 are preferable because they offer many of the same features as the Pro (apart from the two we just highlighted) and are a little cheaper.

After reading this guide, you may be persuaded that you want the finest true wireless earbuds available, but you now have additional options now that Apple has released the AirPods Pro 2.

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